I have worked as a psychologist since 1987. I primarily work with young and latency aged children, adolescents, and their families, as they are going through difficult periods in their lives secondary to divorce, trauma, and loss. I also conduct psychological assessments in specific areas such as identifying and treating work conflict, family of origin issues, sexual abuse and victimization, family violence and suicidal assessment, anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, end of life issues, parenting, ADD and ADHD, adoption issues and serious mental illness. I also conduct educational and psychological testing, in English and Spanish, to identify and to diagnose special education needs of students for various school districts around Texas and I participate in ARDs and in programming for students to develop their full potential in the schools.

I see psychotherapy as working collaboratively to support, guide, and educate individuals and families to achieve greater comfort in their lives and to reach their goals by identify specific problem areas and working systematically to resolve conflicts in these areas.